February 19, 2018
By Until_further.notice BRONZE, Allentown , New York
Until_further.notice BRONZE, Allentown , New York
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I am desperately awaiting a lifeboat
Amid a turbulent ocean of torrent waves,
Tossed between the trials of corruption
Of the likes of sexual misconduct
Or, unfounded attacks on character,
Murders of hundreds of innocent lives
By the crazed and unobstructed buying of arms.
Men bow their heads in “moments of silence”
But for what purpose?
To convey the illusions of connection and sympathy
While refusing to acknowledge or act in the prevention of arising problems?

The ropes of two ships ensnare me
One pulls me left,
Presenting a new and unused sail,
Purchased to do the work as the crew floats in indolence
to a land with an equal balance of everything.
The second, right,
Promising safe and smooth sailing
Under tradition- hands of power greater than my own…
So long as I do my part and require no assistance whatsoever.
Neither, however, acknowledges the storm that surrounds us,
The storm that lay ahead,
As they pull and tug,
Firing cannons at one another:
Both refuse to realize they are of the same fleet,
To realize they are slowly sinking.

And I wonder how we’ve arrived here-
What forceful tides have swept us so far beyond our border
That we can no longer look back and view who we are,
Or who we used to be?
Is it our own doing- our lack of attention?
Or rather, have we been battered relentlessly
By incoming winds and waves,
Growing constantly more rough?

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