Lost Boy

February 16, 2018
By killerdemonrob BRONZE, Troy, New York
killerdemonrob BRONZE, Troy, New York
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I wake every morning with a great big smile on my face,

a great big pile of food on my plate.
Me and my family we have a really nice place
even though our place is small there was no crime rate
this is a perfect estate
but something felt wrong
i always go to school but then i never got along
all the kids tell me that i really don't belong
days were getting long wondering if i was getting strong
then i kept forgetting
they bully me about my weight till i'm anorexic then they move onto the next 2 years later and
i was scared to eat my breakfast
that's when my whole life started turning into a reggae melody
and really nothing prepared me for what laid ahead
my uncle dropped dead from cardiac arrest
no time left when i got there i seen him gasp for breath
on the hospital bed, I knew he just slept
i knew that he passed
but my brain won't accept
then i cried and wept and prayed for God to resurrect
but he didn't accept
now I’m left upset
13 years, and I found a girl
we shared a true connection
didn't last long because she cheated for attention
4 different incidents i never learned my lesson
more than a coincidence then came my aggression
hated myself so much i started seeing imperfections
that's why i looked in the mirror that night and shattered my old reflection
I’m gonna go to high school 3 years and then drop
felt like they always spread rumors or gossip
i know I am a good person but they only seen a fat kid
the things that you say they will never be forgotten
a million people offended him
what if i get a shotgun?
will his parents care about another lost son?
God i'm just looking for a long answer
after all you're the one who really wrote the chapter
what comes after sick of waking from my sleep
filled with anger below standers working out
so i die faster
even if i say it again
it really won't matter
Now I know that the broke stay broke
while the wealthy climb the ladder
Now i see that life is nothing but
a great disaster

The author's comments:

my life was tough growing up, because my parents made bad dissision whitch causes me to do bad things

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on Feb. 20 2018 at 2:15 pm
AlexaDiamant PLATINUM, South Plainfield, New Jersey
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Favorite Quote:
She lives the poetry she cannot write.

This is such a deep and sad poem. Every line is beautiful. I really loved the last four lines because for me I could relate. I couldn't of said it better than you.

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