Twelve years

February 15, 2018
By Swifta5thunder BRONZE, Port Richey, Florida
Swifta5thunder BRONZE, Port Richey, Florida
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Twelve years,

Two days marking a beginning and end,

A progression moving through.

Some don't care about this,

others will commit to it,

The rest just go through like husk,

no feeling or opinion, nothing within them.


Twelve years,

They shove knowledge into you,

useless knowledge,

Knowledge to never be used,

Instead of teaching what you need,

To know these mythical new things,

Things you don't know,

Nor what to do with them.


Twelve years,

Treated like they matter,

Your told it's important,

But in the long run,

It's useless, a way to buy time,

For the "protection" of you.

It is a waste of time,

To "prepare you for the real world,"

Yet prepares you for nothing.


Twelve years,

Ending in two options,

Keep going or end it there.

There are always two sides,

The hard part can be figuring out,

Which choice is right for you?

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