Flower and Fire

February 15, 2018
By BloodyNightClaw SILVER, Owingsville, Kentucky
BloodyNightClaw SILVER, Owingsville, Kentucky
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He is a fire,

his untamed blaze proudly consuming all that's around him.

I am a mere flower,

fragile and silent,

gently following the wind beside him.


I fade out of existence, but he knows I'm there,

he is brighter and prouder next to me,

and I only get smaller as I fuel him.


Hard to notice me, I hide in his flames,

but someone once saw me and warned me,

"Little flower, don't get too close,

he'll get tired or your presence and turn you to ash."

I only laugh, they won't tear me away.


I sink closer to him, it burns,

but it's better than the cold without him.


Piece by piece, I burn,

losing parts of myself.


I don't know how it started,

nor how it will end,

I just know what's happening now.

The author's comments:

This poem is meant to portray the flower as knowingly self destructive. The flower hurts because she is so close to the fire, but does not care. She believes the pain is better than how she feels without the fire. She gets warned, but she never cares, because she knows what she is doing and believes that as long as she knows she doesn't have to try to stop her burning.

She fuels the fire's burning, because he is bold, she is not. He only gets bigger and bigger while she gets smaller and smaller.

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