February 15, 2018
By Anonymous

Laughing is the best medicine.

Laughing makes you happy.
Laughing is a sign of happiness , it can be contagious.
Laughing helps heal sadness.
Laughs can be the best cure for unhappy people.

He makes you feel worthless
He makes you feel like you aren’t good enough even when you give it your all.
He puts you down and kicks you right in the gut.
But then he picks you back up and hold your hand, doctors your wound.
He does it over and over and over again.
You think it’s okay.
“He has temper problems, he just gets jealous that’s what happens when someone cares about you.”
You tell yourself that after every cycle.
It’s not, it’s not okay.
You shouldn’t let it happen.
But you do.
You let it happen, you let him use you and abuse you.
Not physically, just mentally.

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