Puppy suds

February 19, 2018
By Inkweaver BRONZE, Alexandria, Minnesota
Inkweaver BRONZE, Alexandria, Minnesota
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Fur made of spun gold, a head full of suds
   Brown soulful eyes filled with understanding and love
   Yellow rubber ducky floating in the back
   This moment is perfect and I love him so
   Fast forward about 5 years
   He didn’t lose the loving
   He didn’t lose the care
   As his bones started to creak
   And his joints start to ache
   He was always there
   Through thick
   And thin
   He loved me always and forever
   The day my mom took him
   I cry forever
   This moment a snapshot in time
   All I have left of him
   I cry on the inside now
   Knowing that he would be sad to see me cry
   Those eyes looking at me now from everywhere
   That sudsy face telling me it is ok to be happy
   But my heart telling me it's not
   Feeling him everywhere
   Seeing him nowhere
   Whishing for more years with him
   Knowing I get no more
   Woofing and barking
   He stays in my memories
   Loving and caring

The author's comments:

this is about my dog hunter, I love him to the moon and back, cliche I know but he was my best friend

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