"Know the Signs"

February 19, 2018
By AC-Hood SILVER, Carthage, Missouri
AC-Hood SILVER, Carthage, Missouri
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A warm sunny day in Florida,

the kind that makes you feel better

but the day quickly changes

into a day full of terror


The brutality of it makes me sick

seventeen dead and fourteen injured

the nation feels the impact of this,

leaving families broken and a day to remember


Everyone lifes to say they're a hero

willing to die for a brother

but when the time comes we'll see where you stand

if you'd give your life for another


Its people like this that saved many lives

people like Aaron Feis and Scott Beigal

Feis shielded 3 girls and Beigal locked a room full of kids

saving them all though their actions were fatal


The horrible videos on the media cannot be erased

nor can the memores of this horrible time

Columbine, Sandy Hook, Parkland, it stays

and people stess the need to "Know the Signs"

The author's comments:

A sad day for the nation that originates in Parkland. I know nothing anyone does can bring back the dead and put back together the pieces of the broken families. No amount of condolences, letters, or anything from anyone will fix that but it will show we care so i have written this poem for the families that lost.

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