The Death of an Island

February 19, 2018
By Puffin SILVER, Valley Cottage, New York
Puffin SILVER, Valley Cottage, New York
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She felt like an island
Just an ocean out of reach
Waiting for someone to build a bridge
Or stumble upon her beach


Her animals cried for help
Rampaging the island like beasts
While her flowers all wilted
Their petals billowing in the breeze


But no one heard her shouts
No one gave a helping hand
And her life slowly gave out
Her sadness stained red upon her sands


Sailors never anchored in her waters
Explorers never reached her shores
And she soon felt like her island
Was nothing more than a corpse


People pride themselves in valuing every bit of land
Saving every little seashell they find upon the sand
But they are just to stupid to simply understand
That the very thing they just witnessed firsthand


Was both quiet and important


It was the death of an island

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