February 7, 2018
By AidanM BRONZE, Lincoln, Rhode Island
AidanM BRONZE, Lincoln, Rhode Island
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The poem of George Washington Carver

Partner: Cameron Surmeian 

Born a slave near Diamond, Missouri
His father killed, and his mother, kidnapped
Showed promise as a painter,
decided to pursue a career in agriculture      (Kremer  1)

Entered Simpson College in 1890,
Transferred to Iowa State Agricultural College 1 year later    (Kremer   1)
Received a bachelor's degree and a master’s degree
Joined the staff at the Tuskegee, AL agricultural department in 1896  (Kremer  2)
Extracted from clay soil of Alabama,
a full range of dyestuffs, including a brilliant blue      (George… 2)
Turned his attention from soil conservation to peanut research   (Kremer  2)

Created 60 products from the pecan      
From the common sweet potato about 100 products
From the peanut, he developed over 145 products   
Suggested peanuts, pecans, sweet potatoes,
Replace cotton as money crops         (George… 2)  
Earned the salary of $125 a month     
The beginning to end of his service at  Tuskegee
Awards: Spingarn Medal of the NAACP, 1923 
And the Theodore Roosevelt medal, 1939       (George… 2)

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