Capri Sun

February 14, 2018
By Anonymous

When I’m dying

lying in a hospital bed
with tubes and wires hanging
Don’t hook me up to an IV
Hook me up to Pacific Cooler
Capri Sun
Let it course through my veins
Lemon Lime Spine
Then you will learn to respect the pouch

No milk
No water
I don’t take coffee
I would rather die of thirst in a desert
Then go without a Capri Sun
It doesn’t even have to be refrigerated

I will name my son Capri
because they bring me so much joy
My son?
No. The sun.

The straw and perforations make them so portable-
So affordable
It’s a perfect serving to take on a hike,
To school,
To the beach,
To a picnic
I’ve got a 6 pack In my fridge
Call me Brendon Urie
Because I’m in such a hurry
to the grocery store
On my way to buy more

People say that they find mold
But how can one let them get so old?
The clarity on the bottom gives me clarity in life
Kraft isn’t messing around with preservatives
It’s as real as a juice box is gonna get
With a flavor and variety for every kid
I cannot stand for such slander
Respect the pouch

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