Ode To My Bed

February 14, 2018
By lorenaa BRONZE, Sacramento, California
lorenaa BRONZE, Sacramento, California
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After a long day
you welcome me
with open arms like a mother
to her baby
Pink cozy sheets
and soft silver pillows
call me to ask how my day was.
When I’m sad you become
My friend and hug me.
when i lay down with you
the soft smell of the fabric softener
fill my lungs.When i’m with you
it’s like if I’m in heaven
with fluffy clouds.
You hold some of the
funnest sleepovers
You make it easy to dream
You are the open doors
To dreamland
You own most of my thinking .
Your soft and thick comforter
Holding  me tight at night
You never leave me alone
In the dark.
I get sad when my loud
And noisy alarm
goes off I have to get up
And leave you
But I know I will come back
Sooner or later

The author's comments:

what inspired me to write this ode was i love my bed and i ove sleeping.

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