February 13, 2018

I put my life in retrospect so I can reminisce about the things you
would've never expect.
The way I perceive things, I could see why you would think I have
nothing to lose.
But I lost my cousin to 2 gunshot wounds.
And her boyfriend was shot too.
I used to think about her boyfriend like "Damn it was because of
You didn't take care of your responsibilities so those dudes took
care of it for you.
And my cousin had to take to two hollow tip 22s.
Thinking of the dudes that killed her with all my hate and shame.
They're lucky they were arrested before her son and I came.
Then I thought about it, if I was to kill them both I would've
contradicted what I wanted to explain.
All this black on black murder is really a f***ing shame.
This s*** is making me insane.
The green starts fights you can call it Notre Dame.
Telling the devil "get out" like Martin Payne.
Scottish Inn Motel is where they were shot
Witnesses reported waking up to the sound of gunshots
What do you expect
When my mother told me the news
My life is what I had to reflect
The world isn’t marvelous
And that’s what I had to respect
I can’t finish this poem
My words are nerve wrecking
Like Parkinson’s Syndrome
My heart is stiff like a gnome
I was told I’m very lyrical
I can take the soul out your body
I’m pretty spiritual
My kisses moisturize your skin like Clearasil
I can secure your money like Municipal
I feel bad for anyone who’s a teacher
You’re wages are pitiful
And the way some of you teach is ridiculous
I wish my life could glow up
It would be supercalifragilisticexpialidocious
And I’m done…

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