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You, I Love You

February 13, 2018
By itzybitzy BRONZE, Carson, California
itzybitzy BRONZE, Carson, California
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You hold me down stronger than the earth’s gravity
You hold me tighter than my lips when you spill your secrets
You are all the cliches that have been made to describe love
You are the artwork that hangs over to enlighten a house
You are my safest place and most dangerous place at the  same time
You are my home

By your side is where i desire
Your thick arms grasping me close is what I crave
Your scent is what I wish at all times
That strong scent of chrome that I can spot anywhere
Your basic brown eyes that don’t seem too basic
Not basic because I can stare at them all day
The little scrunches in your eyes and flaring of your nostril
They make more than happy
Because I have done my job of making you laugh

Forgive me for being so hard to love
Forgive for not being able to give you the world
Forgive me because that’s exactly what you deserve
Forgive me for not telling you how deep in love I am with you
Forgive me because it’s just so hard to tell you in person
Forgive me for making you feel like you can’t fix my broken pieces

It’s not that you couldn’t fix them
It’s that you replaced the pieces
Replaced them with new pieces that seem to work much better

I love you
I love every part of you
Thank You
Thanks to everything you do

The author's comments:

It certainly IS a cliche, but I have been through so much that I would not wish on anyone else. The only person who cared and was there was my boyfriend. This is for him. I want people to appreciate the ones there for them and to love them unconditionally. 

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