Bob the Llama

February 13, 2018
By selaalmendras BRONZE, Ann Arbor, Michigan
selaalmendras BRONZE, Ann Arbor, Michigan
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Bob was a llama
With plenty of drama
he was born without a dad
And born without a mama

So he grew up to be mean
And very distasteful
More distasteful than beans
And never ever grateful

The other llamas gossiped, saying
‘’Did you see Bob?
He stole without paying,
Eww what a snob

I think he has aids,
And acts like an a**,
Have you seen his grades?
He doesn’t even pass’’

But they didn’t know
What he’s been through
That he was a llama
And he had feelings too

He didn’t have friends
He didn’t have a home
He didn’t have a will
So he spent his time alone

Until one rainy day
He met a little monkey
The monkey started to say,
“You look kind of funky

Where are you staying?
Where are your friends?
Would you like to stay with us,
Before the day ends?”

Bob didn’t reply
For he was too shocked
It was the first time
Someone came up to him and talked

So on that day
His loneliness came to an end
He had somewhere to stay
And he made a new friend

They would play in the park
And watch movies together
And laugh while they fart
And eat strawberry jello

They would talk of their problems
And talk of their dreams
And talk of their fears
And favorite ice cream

So as time came and passed
They became bestest of friends
And then Bob had realized
It didn’t matter what people said

And all had felt good
Like things had come together
Until one horrid night
When angry was the weather

Bob and his friend
Were playing a game
Out on the bridge
Over the lake

And Bob’s little friend
Tried to do a cool trick
And Bob tried to warn him
But over the bridge, he slipped


And in that short moment
Time had slowed down
Bob could do nothing
As he watched his friend drown

And the moral of the story
Doesn’t end with laughter
Because not all stories
Have a happily ever after


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