Working as a Cashier

February 13, 2018
By mcfeeney GOLD, Auburn, New York
mcfeeney GOLD, Auburn, New York
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The clock ticks down with a sense of worthlessness,
30 minutes left.
My tired, anxious face quickly turns to
Blank and annoyed,
With the glimpse of a mom and her
Ungrateful kids.
I begin to offer my
“How are you”, phrase
When the woman's exhausted, miserable eyes,
Meets my fake smiling face.
As she hands me her reusable bags,
I glance over at one of her kids.
He looked at me as if dazed and confused,
But snapped right back with the
Yell of his mother's voice.
By the end of the order my back was striking with pain,
I walked off right then and yelled
‘I’d rather be dead, than work with another
Rude customer again!’
And that was the end of my life,
As a cashier.

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