The Word, Love

February 13, 2018
By mcfeeney GOLD, Auburn, New York
mcfeeney GOLD, Auburn, New York
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"A writer is a sum of their experiences" -Flannery O' Connor

There was once a girl who could feel nothing but disappointments,
She could be faced with person upon person
And see nothing
But, Blank, Emotionless

She couldn’t understand the infamous word that crept
From so many mouths.
The four letter word that stood for nothing but a label

What a funny little word she would think to herself
She wondered why so many used it
Abused it
Forced it
For that’s all she ever knew
That word to her stood for nothing more than another four letter word

She had watched from the top of the stairs
her parents
Throwing that word around
Like confetti in the air

And then watched it turn to ash
And sprinkle the floor with
Nothing but the forgotance
Of a happy family

She lingered along for years
Stuck in the depths of her thoughts
For neither parent would explain to her
That it wasn’t her fault

One day,
She met another girl.
One, much similar to herself.

Except, she believed in the four letter L word
And She taught the girl that love comes
In many different forms,
And sizes.

It comes at unexpected times,
And that when someone truly loves you
They never fully leave.

She taught her the love of friendship
And how sometimes love can play tricks on others minds
And that you shouldn’t feel sorrow
If it doesn’t work out,
For every happy ending,
Needs a few conflicts in between.

And with that conversation
Sent fireworks off in the girls mind
For she finally understood
After all these years,

The reasoning behind her parents divorce,
And her newfound definition of the not so scary
Four letter word;

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