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February 13, 2018
By Tyreegill BRONZE, Sacramento, California
Tyreegill BRONZE, Sacramento, California
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You speak to people around the world,

You bring back memories and give people that nostalgic feeling,
Inspire people to do positive things,
You are the voice that wakes the soul up like a morning stretch,
You continue to allow people to tell their stories through you like a never ending story,
Like my father you are my guidance toward being a better person,
You allow good spirits to enter my body,
You scare the demons away,
You wonder but your never lost,
As if you have lived my life you tell me my stories,
You leave me with more to ask ,
You throw objects in my way,
You partner with mother nature as your words warm the air,
You leave me with a swagger like a fresh new pair of J’s,
You are a helping hand when when i'm all alone ,
You fly through cars and battle through speakers just to speak to me,
You are amazing in many different figures,
You walk me through the journey of life,
As if you were a human figure you hug my ears and let me know,
Chase your dreams
because the longer it takes the longer it lasts,

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