Dear Lover

February 13, 2018
By SilkSkinAngie BRONZE, Glasgow, Other
SilkSkinAngie BRONZE, Glasgow, Other
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Dear Lover,
I thought you relished my tenderness.
I had swallowed oceans
to be with you
but you left me in the desert
that remained.

Dearest Companion,
you don’t understand,
you cascaded me with flowers
and they are beautiful
so beautiful,
but they’re suffocating me
and I cannot breathe.

Beloved Flame,
I climbed Everest for you
but you hate heights.
I want to build castles for you
but you only want a cottage.
Why can’t you see
you deserve everything and more
that I have to offer?

Darling Admirer,
I wish I could endure
your never ending love.
My Cherished Sweetheart,
you gave me the ocean
but I cannot swim.
My Purest Paramour,
you are daisies and sunflowers
but I am allergic.

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