Fever Dream and Morning

February 12, 2018
By ncoolz SILVER, Franklin, Wisconsin
ncoolz SILVER, Franklin, Wisconsin
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Dreams are transformed to nightmarish visions
When a dark cloud becomes transfixed on a spot of sunlight
The rain drains all color from the Earth
It's lucidity fades, a dull
Echoes in the oppressive air
It is a cacophony of dissonant sound
Tomorrow it will disappear
Then return in the night
The waterlogged breath on the back of my neck,
The phantom men who flit in and out of my stupor,
My nerves threatening to burst
As they skitter along my skin,
Become stifling
In my one option of indolence
There is no gear, no wheel to turn for change
Other than a brilliant sunrise

The author's comments:

I had a few reoccurring dreams and they had been burdening me during the day, so I worked them out into a poem

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