February 12, 2018
By Lost-Alone SILVER, Idaho Falls, Idaho
Lost-Alone SILVER, Idaho Falls, Idaho
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Staring into your eyes I realized they were a color I couldn’t describe.
They were an enigma no one color could justify.
They weren’t brown, they weren’t blue, they weren’t hazel.
They were a color all on their own.
Bits of green swirled in a pot of honey that made it so your eyes were the main focal point.
They were the first thing I noticed about you.
I stared at them and I was lost, lost in a sea of golden honey.
A kaleidoscope of all these colors swirling round and round.
Round and round these colors went until I knew no one else’s eyes would ever bring me to my knees the way yours did.

The author's comments:

Staring into his eyes I got lost and never found my way out. 

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