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February 12, 2018
By DesiSpearsCantRhyme SILVER, Reisterstown, Maryland
DesiSpearsCantRhyme SILVER, Reisterstown, Maryland
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So guess what (say what) I don’t need this session. I don’t need you to tell me that things are different between us. Alright? I can taste the residue of adult juice in each kiss.  When we hold hands I can feel that something is amiss. But guess what (say what) he never lied to me. He always told me the truth about all the women he's gone through. He never hit me so that means he loves me. He never beat me so that means he loves me. I tried to be the woman he craves. I changed my clothes and my diet so that every time he looks at me he gets just a little bit hungry.  But it’s my fault. For trying to cater to him when knowing damn well each plate he serves taste the same. But guess what? (Say what) we used to have dreams. Of physically shooting stars but at first chance we sold it for fast cars. But guess what? (Say what?) That too is progress. We came from chains and bonds to chains and throwing bombs. But he is just tired of m- no he loves me. And I love him! Guess what? (Say what?)  It’s my fault. I lied to him. When he told me that he would be gone for days I would say okay. He’d ask me if I was okay and I’d say I'm fine. I was the one who crossed the fine line. But it is time. Guess what? (Say what) There's no more me, there's only him. Him, him and his lust, him and his greed, the version of him that resides within me. It’s my fault for allowing this to happen. He didn’t fall in love with himself he fell in love with me. But I gave myself away. It’s my fault. I have a plan! Guess what? (say what) I’ll be who and what I was meant to be. And guess what else (say what) I won’t change me. I’ll change him! (Say what?! Say what) yup that’s right I can remind him of what we used to be. I am the inspiration he needs I am the heart and soul that he bleeds. And I am the one who can be honest with him. I am the only who has said you don’t have to be tall, dark, and slim.  I was never afraid of him! I am the only one who can look Hip-Hop in its face and remind it how to spit. And I’ll never quit. He loves me he just has something else on his mind. I can’t tell you what it is because he mumbled all the time! (Say what) Don't you get it yet? Hello, my name is Poetry and I will love Hip-hop til the death of me.

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