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February 12, 2018
By EpiCabbage SILVER, Sherman Oaks, California
EpiCabbage SILVER, Sherman Oaks, California
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"Hell is empty and all the devils are here"

Darkest moon,
What light of yours can hope to pierce the darkest clouds
What worlds may exist beyond this plain
But those shrouded in a thicker darkness to even this

Brightest sun,
What waves of yours grasp this madman
As a shadow of the scourge
In refusal of all shade

Those eyes to cast out the dark
Embrace the blindness of hypocrisy
Unbalanced by dream’s clarity
In enveloping darkness, he sees only the blinding light of hope
Gradience brings realism
Optimism brings stupidity

Shrouded visions show the bleakness of things
To obstruct the view of omnipotence
To stand within thyself

He fails to see the unbalance
A plea for reason with the insane
Inhumanity and necessity
Bonded by blood, sweat, and self loathing

For angelfire purges the gate
Flickering in the tar below
It rises to drown in misery
As the barrier from the shadow to this crimson world

The eyes which casts out the dark
To perhaps an even deeper sadness,
And falls into slumber
As all things fall

The author's comments:

It’s about how denying the “darkness” in the world block the view of the “light” of our self within. The second self is represented as existing behind our eyes view, unable to see anything except what our eyes can’t see. Being unable to see the dark in the world, our second self only sees darkness. The ability to understand the gradience of the world, however, births realism, and being pessimistic about the world brings blinding hope with no purpose.

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