Southern Heat

February 14, 2018
By D_Scarlett BRONZE, Dunnellon, Florida
D_Scarlett BRONZE, Dunnellon, Florida
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From a country built on the backs of people forced to work in the southern heat
A land were forcing one to do your work was called “economy”
And not seen as slavery
Not seen as evil
Not seen as being worse than death

Our people suffer continually even now
Even after technically, such dealings are illegal
People are still sold on the “black market”
If you will..

This isn’t just a part of African history
The transatlantic slave trade
The back-breaking plantation work in the hot sun

It’s a part of many people’s past

Children are still being trafficked
Women are still being mistreated
Xenophobia and racism still run rampid

This is seen through our judicial systems
Our law enforcement
Our government officials
And even through our neighbors

In a country where innocent people are murdered
In a country were little children watch their Daddies die
In a country were stereotypes and bias still segregate the light and dark

No, this will not be a perfect world

This will not be a perfect world if we never forget
This will not be a perfect world if we refuse to forgive

The white man kills the black man in fear
The black man retaliates and kills the next white he sees
And honestly, that’s how humanity is going to die
Not because of fire or because of ice
Not because of famine or disease

But because of stubborn fear
Because of grudges
Because of hate

The hate carried in this Southern Heat

The author's comments:

I was inspired by my creative writing teacher. She wanted us to particiapte in a little poetry competition and this was my favorite entry and really helped me to win. 

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