Worst/Best Date

February 14, 2018
By veronicaart BRONZE, Ocala, Florida
veronicaart BRONZE, Ocala, Florida
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The night was dark and scary
But lying down in the grass
Your arms wrapped around me
The soft, silky blanket keeping us warm
The night was more beautiful and amazing

The rustling in the woods from the armadillos
That would would have been creepy any other night
Mixed with the crickets chirping
And the water running from the fountain
Hearing the children in the backyard next to us laughing
It sounded more like music
The most beautiful music I’ve ever heard

The grass we were lying down in wasn’t itchy at all
The grass felt amazing
So amazing I didn’t want to get up
The blanket that we cover in made everything better
It was beyond soft there should be a new word for it
The blanket smelled like him which made smile
Normally I would be tired at 1 at night
But I wanted to be in this moment forever

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