Hidden Cities

February 14, 2018
By HaileyCW18 BRONZE, Ocala, Florida
HaileyCW18 BRONZE, Ocala, Florida
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Intricate cities of shells lie on their shielded backs
As they move through the ocean slowly.
They carry smaller worlds with them as they dance
Through the water.
They live on each other,
Providing safety and solidarity.
The small shells house smaller creatures,
Aliens to a larger world.
They live unbeknownst to the creatures around them.
Much like us.
We live not knowing each other.
And if we do it’s for only a short while,
Even if we pretend to be close.
Were unaware of the existence of others,
And often the existence of ourselves.
We coexist simply for the benefit of I,
Never them.
We don’t know of the cities on our backs.
We simply keep on moving through the waves slowly,
Dancing through the world around us.

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