Wish for Nothing Larger

February 14, 2018
By MarieJenkins BRONZE, Ocala, Florida
MarieJenkins BRONZE, Ocala, Florida
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Wish for nothing larger than your own small heart.
For the world has an aftertaste.
That can taste very tart.
So brace yourself for the new.
For every day is one that’s starts over.
And every day is one of few.

For disappointment is soul-crushing.
It can leave you in the dust;
when your fingertips are almost touching.
So close yet even closer.
Opportunities come and go.
Yet you are the only composer.

Affection can overflow,
if you’re a lovey person.
Like a yard full of freshly fallen snow.
Everyone needs time to be alone.
while you’re craving their company,
Hunched over on your phone.

So engrave a clear raphe,
To make sure you wish for less.
That is the only way to stay safe.
Getting your hopes up can leave a scar.
I learned that very young,
Wish for nothing larger than your own small heart.

The author's comments:

I did this for a school assignment, but I really dug deep to feel for dissapointment that I've felt in my life, including my birth father, and bad birthday parties. 

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