Kill Me Slowly

February 14, 2018
By NatashaR PLATINUM, Lambert, Mississippi
NatashaR PLATINUM, Lambert, Mississippi
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''You Need Help.''

I remember being told,

I can be anything I wanted,

And that the world is mine to hold,


Years go by and time sure flies,

But I'll never forget,

All the good times and failing tries,


The world engulfed me,

We are  put into stereotypes,

We were either A, B, or C,


You were raised to believe,

That only certain people,

May step forward and take the lead,


Have you ever thought,

About all of us,

Who were willing to be taught,


From a young age,

To almost adulthood,

We could've past that stage,


That stage in life,

Where everyone knows,

There is so much strife,


Take the time to realize,

The world has always lied,

Giving false hopes and dreams,

To all who would abide

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