it's mine

February 3, 2018

But darling it’s not your fault, it’s mine.
Eventually there reached a point where I couldn’t handle your shit anymore.
We haven’t spoken more than 5 words to each other but you’d spoken 50 words about me to everyone who would listen.

But one word rang out of the billion that left your mouth ‘she’s such a S***’ I think it’s then when I realised no matter what I say, no matter how many pictures I post, how many captions I write, you’ll still remain the ignorant f*** you’ve always been. I guess changing for the better just ain’t your shit. So that’s okay maybe it’s my fault for entertaining your backward thoughts. Maybe it’s my fault for being too kind. Maybe it’s my fault for letting you stomp over me. So I fell. But now it’s time I rise, and darling, will I rise. I don’t want to bring you down when I rise. No, I don’t think you’re worth that much attention. I close my eyes and picture the words that left your mouth. Do you realise, I wonder, that I’m human too. Do you realise, I wonder, that I’ve got a heart that can break too. I wonder if you realise but just don’t give a damn.
I can’t lie to you, I feel sorry for you, sorry that you have to wake up every morning and just be you.

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