The Funeral

February 15, 2018
By Jaykeb_Stiles BRONZE, Sanford, North Carolina
Jaykeb_Stiles BRONZE, Sanford, North Carolina
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Rain falls lightly
Pitter pattering upon black umbrellas
Collecting in puddles on the grass

Clouds cover the sky
Grey and ominous
Dropping gallons of tepid water
Upon the audience gathered here

Six men carry a big black box
Upon their shoulders
Bringing it to its final resting place
Gently they set it upon the ground
Folding the flag
Draped upon the box
Presenting it to the next of kin

A priest recites scripture
Then family and freinds
Stand and recite anecdotes
Last come the twenty one shots
Delivered by men in uniform
As the box is lowered into the earth

As the funeral goers head their separate ways
Thunder booms overhead
As though the earth itself
Was giving a twenty one gun salute
To honor this fallen hero
In their final resting place

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