February 6, 2018
By TheObscureWriter SILVER, Manchester, New Hampshire
TheObscureWriter SILVER, Manchester, New Hampshire
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You make me feel like the luckiest guy in the world and you're not even officially mine yet
You make Mondays feel like Fridays and Fridays feel like Sundays
Because when I'm with you I always feel like I'm talking to an angel
I've never been to church
But if I had I know for sure you’d be God’s favorite
Your talent is natural
But don't think for a second that that means I don't know how hard you've worked for it
I bet you practiced reading your line in the mirror
I bet you sing every single day so that you never lose pitch
I bet you practice singing in harmony for years just to make sure it’s perfect
And baby girl it is perfect
You are perfect
You make movie stars look like amateurs
And when you sing I swear I hold my breath to hear it better
It’s ironic that you name is a palindrome because
You make my heart race like a racecar
You bring both rainbows and butterflies everywhere you go
And I don't think anything has caught my eyes like you since Tacocat
But I’ve seen stranger things
And to be honest   
I've never really been a love poet until I met you but you make me wanna say things like
How I wanna drown in your embrace
How I want to sip your deepest thoughts from a wine glass
And get drunk off your kiss
You are my inspiration
And it’s funny because I never even knew I could make art without being sad
But you make me want to be a love poet

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