I Always Turn to Writing

February 6, 2018
By allisonw8 BRONZE, Wausau, Wisconsin
allisonw8 BRONZE, Wausau, Wisconsin
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I have never been trusting of others
I talked to my best friend about this today
It started when we began talking about you
About how in love I am
But also about how terrified I am
I don't like the vulnerability of loving you
I know to make this work, I have to instill all of my trust in you
I’m not the type of girl to question you every time you leave the house
but part of me always fears I should
I’ve been hurt before and you know that
It’s in the past
and I don’t want to use that as an excuse
But, it changed me
It changed me and that is something I cannot deny
I will never be that naive again
That pure
So innocent hearted
I wish I could love you with an untouched heart
But here I am
Writing you a letter you will never read

The author's comments:

The obstacles of falling in love again 

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