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Light After Darkness

February 6, 2018

I was once shining so bright,
A child of the sun.
A proud angel stood by my side,
His darkness complementing my light.
I burned like fire.
I flared like a candle:
Bright and warm and fierce.
But my angel flew away,
Called by Death someplace I could not follow.
He took my light with himself unknowingly,
Deep into his grave,
For he was the only one who had treasured my burning heart.
I wandered in darkness,
Because without him the stars didn't shine.
The sun had faded away.
All hope had winked out.
I was crafted of dust, ice, and shadow.
Nothing but an old shell where I once was strong.
Everything was dark.
Black and white.
Suddenly another boy came along,
With a heart of silver and eyes of bluest sapphire.
He coaxed the stars from hiding.
He pulled the sun back over the horizon.
He painted the color back into my world.
He collected me piece by piece,
Gathering the shards of my soul from the filthy ground.
He put the fire back into my heart,
The light back into my soul,
And I burned bright yet again.
Now I truly know:
After the darkness comes the light,
No matter how shadowed the times.

The author's comments:

The line "After the darkness comes the light" is from Becca Fitzpatrick's novel "Black Ice."

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