The changing of the seasons

February 6, 2018
By Dayanamics BRONZE, South Plainfield , New Jersey
Dayanamics BRONZE, South Plainfield , New Jersey
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Welcome, whispers the wind.
You are motionless in the rush of it all,
Scared with the thought of the changing season.
Were you not scared when it began?
The impact of the silent ban.
The silent change of one color to another.
The sensation of the world falling until it lands on your shoulders.
Uncertain, the rain screams, this world is unforgiving.
The harrowing heartbreak that a cracked heart brings.
Time, the ground speaks, how you wish there was more.
Of course the cycle of life repeats, and what is change without the comfort of fear.
Breath, the shadow sighs, for darkness rises from the chaos to gift the sky light.

The author's comments:

Figuratively this poem serves to showcase the cycle of life and death. It shows how one will be scared when they are born, and how they will also be burdened while they are living. Until finally death comes and even though the narrator might be scared, darkness always rises with light. However, it can be interpreted as the reader wishes it to be. 

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