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Coming Out

February 5, 2018
By un_named DIAMOND, Olympia, Washington
un_named DIAMOND, Olympia, Washington
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Why do I have to say
who I love in a whisper,
like its an issue, being gay.
So what if I kissed her?
There shouldn't even be
a closet to come out of.
Why is simply being me
or being free to love
so deeply strange.
Sorry if this is offensive,
but I cant change.
Don't get so defensive
Saying that its "sin"
well who gave you
the key to who gets in
to the heavens of blue.
Your interpretation
is valid, but not law,
it can't control a nation.
It's time you saw
that you can pray,
yell, and cry for me but,
at the end of the day
you'll be a wingnut
and I'll still be gay.

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