February 5, 2018
By Dragonstripes SILVER, MONTICELLO, Illinois
Dragonstripes SILVER, MONTICELLO, Illinois
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Miss no way it’s all good

Always second guessing

I stopped believing
Long ago
I stopped believing
In hope
In love

I'm tired of this game
Let me die
Let me die alone
Like I deserve
Like I always am

I want to be alone
No I don’t
I have faded from reality
No I haven't
I no longer want to exist
Yes I do
Leave me to die
Please don’t leave me alone

I'm sick of Crying
Tired of Trying
Yeah i'm smiling
But on the inside i'm dying

My shy smile hide the deepest secrets
My blue eyes have shed the most tears
My kind heart felt the most pain

I seem happy
But I never am
Some days i’m just less sad than others

You know what's worse than being alone
It’s being
Lied to
Left behind
And completely forgotten

You know my name
But you will never
Know my story
Until I trust you enough
Not to leave me
Use me
Lie to me

So hear my call
My call for help
In the darkness
From the bottom of the abyss
My call to pull me up
And let me know love once again

I'm done with life
I’m drained from it
I’m dead to it
I smile to hide the pain

I cry as much as I want
When I stop I tell myself never
Cry for the same reason again
Then I do

I’m okay
I’m okay
I’m okay
Someone save me
I’m okay
I smile just to
Hide the pain
To make sure no one knows whats wrong
I smile because it is the only way to hide the pain

If I hurt others
I might as well as hurt myself
To make sure I can be there
For them to lean on
To be their rock
To understand what their going through
And to feel what they felt
Because I gave them that pain
And I deserve to be hurt along with them
I made them suffer
So I should as well

Is there even a point
A point in living
A point do I matter

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