February 5, 2018
By MrTacoEater BRONZE, Gladstone, Missouri
MrTacoEater BRONZE, Gladstone, Missouri
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I Dream
Of Freedom. Liberty, Justice, Freedom.
I dream of life, a new start, whatever comes next
But right now I’m stuck in prison
With the cruelest monsters known to man
Brainless, Roaring, Obnoxious Brutes.
A few I don’t mind.
Then there’s the guards.
Some are wise, some are idiots.
Most are good. Most.

Everything I love, taken away,
Sleep? I’m up before the sun.
Rest? We don’t have that here.
What do I do? Whatever they say.
Hours of pointless, tedious, physical and mental labor

What lies on the other side?
Excitement. Adventure. Friends.
What are they doing? Will they remember me?
What would they think?
All the things I have done
Things I wish I could change
Maybe that’s why I’m here

I dream of escape
I want to run
Faster than anyone has run before
Where? Anywhere. Anywhere but here.
How to escape? My mind. I flee to my mind.
They can’t get me here.
I dream
Of what could have been.
Of Love, Technology, Creativity,
Everything that is banned here.
A shout. My name.
I snap back to reality.
Staring blankly into space

I remember how it was before
A life, so different from the one I live now.
Will anything ever be the same?
Will I ever feel that way again?
Can I ever go back to that reality?
Or was it all a dream?
What will happen when I leave?
Will I be able to adapt?
They say this is for the best
But I’m not sure.

I am human
I have my flaws
Just like everyone else
But I can also do great things
I feel like a songbird
With wings that have been torn off
Beating its head against the cage
In this endless abyss

I Long
For a new way
A fresh start, a second chance
Something new
Something different from this corrupt tyranny
Where I’m forced to conform with the rules of society
I Long for light
To bathe in the fresh sunlight of a new day
To escape
To run
To be myself
Anywhere but here

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