February 5, 2018
By DeAndre3502 BRONZE, Washington, District Of Columbia
DeAndre3502 BRONZE, Washington, District Of Columbia
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Freedom rings
Freedom rings
Freedom rings through the streets as a man calls for peace
A man who had a dream
A dream......a dream of people places and things
People being blacks and whites
Blacks who are suffering the abuse and mistreatment of years past
Whites who are confused and angry
Martin Luthor King Vowed Peace
Even When the world was against them
None of their anger was released
Men put down for speaking up
Men who had families they loved
Love that was tough
Tough enough to endure the shackles of inprisionment 
Tough enough to be determined to not sit in the back of the bus
Together they stood taking on the white man
They were told they couldn't but one man had dream
A dream of things to be
A dream of blacks and whites living together in peace
Places being the bus where a woman wouldn't be deterred by the white man
The school where 9 black children were terrorized for simply being black
The White House where the order for the end of segregation came from
Things being the pitchforks molotovs and guns used to oppress those of us with a skin tone darker then another's
The words used by a man of such a darker skin tone to end the abuse towards Him and his brothers
Freedom rings in the hearts of all of us
Freedom and justice for all
Including those of us with a blacker pigment
Freedom rings
Freedom rings

The author's comments:

Unleash Peace unto those around you.

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