February 5, 2018

Nostalgia puts her headphones in and lets the music take her away
It takes her to the time when she was 7 and her brother blasted Boston in the car
Going down the winding roads again, she breathes in the brushed nylon seats
That don’t allow her swinging feet to touch the floor
The song changes and she is brought to parish courtyard after church
She wants to race all the boys and they laugh, sure they’ll win
She leaves them in the dust even though she’s wearing buckle shoes and a skirt
The blood rushing through her body and her young lungs breathing in the spring air
She is unstoppable
When she hears the first few notes of the next one
Her lips form a small smile as she climbs up into a tree to see the city before sunset
The sky is painted pink and yellow
The colors dancing to “I just want my peace of mind”
A gentle breeze blows her hair out of her face like in the movies
The sun goes to sleep to “take a look ahead”
And she will never forget

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