Covered by his hands

February 5, 2018

Someone help me I’m covered by his hands
2 years old and being touch by this man
Please hear me out if you can
I know I’m a baby and it’s hard to understand
But I know that what’s happening to me
Wasn’t part of God plans…
Now I am 6 a little bit older
And a lot more bolder just got out the
Tub when this man rub me all
Over my neck and my shoulders
I was shook and scared shivering in the corner
Naked and afraid chills going
Down my back as I start to get colder...
He whispers in my ear don’t say
A word if I keep my
Mouth shut I won’t get hurt..
But the worse thing was me keeping silent
So when I told I was called a liar
And whipped with a cord
All cause mommy thought I was being defiant…
Now I’m 14 years old
And yet again stuck on this road…
One day he came in my room while I was changing
and shuts the door he looks me up and down
biting his lips craving for more…
I am now 26 years old
And it’s time for the truth to unfold
I found my voice and now
The truth should be told…
But it’s too late to take a stand
Because 12 years ago I was found and pronounced
Dead in my room now I’m stuck
In a box underneath the world while my story
Is still covered by his hands.


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