Years and Days

February 2, 2018
By AlanaHopeFlores SILVER, Spring Valley Il, Illinois
AlanaHopeFlores SILVER, Spring Valley Il, Illinois
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A week ago my friend was alive 

Today, she is no longer breathing

April 27, 2017 my grandmother 

Called and we had a very long talk

May 1st, 2017 my grandmother 

No longer braced her prescence on this earth

A few months before my grandmother passed

My uncle and I had made a promise

However, he passed away a bit before 

Grandmother did 

So the promise is meaningless 

September of 2017

Cori decided this place was too much 

And now, she has left me as well

Tyler, the only other boy who will ever

Mean as much to me as my father and brother

Passed away in December of 2017 

This year was supposed to be a better year

But the young are still dying 

And the winter is only growing longer and colder

The sun hasn´t shined for me 

In well over a year 

I don´t leave anyone 

So why is it that everyone 

Is so damn selfish and chooses 

To live me behind to live in misery

Why is it that I NEVER feel anger

But all I can feel lately

Is my blood boiling with rage

Because no one decides to stay 

And everyone leaves me 

In the most painful way possible 

They all made me laugh

Now I no longer smile 

The world is a dark and dreary place

Maybe I understand why they all left 

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