I Thought I Knew You.

February 7, 2018
By mksosa PLATINUM, South Plainfield, New Jersey
mksosa PLATINUM, South Plainfield, New Jersey
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"If you accept average now, you will end up creating an average life"
-Willard Schulte.

I met you in the deafening light in front of the stage.
I met you in the blinding scream of the guitar.
A fierce little raven bird, spitting on her cage.
It did not take me long to fall in love with who you are.

I soon learned after our grand encounter
That you snuck out that night
Through a window that hung over the kitchen counter.
You said, ¨That´ll show my parents that I’ll do as I like¨.

After the show, we met twice again
These feelings for you resonate in my core
You tell people I am just a  friend
But, I know we are so much more.

We often fuss and argue, in this we are both to blame.
You still can’t take my love serious.
You think it's just a game.
Well let me tell you this,

I can never control you, my little raven bird.
I can only admire all the strength you carry.
Oh, my beautiful girl, have you not heard?
I can only admire all the strength you carry.

I can never keep you down,
Nor would I ever harbour the thought.
Everyone from miles around,
Knows that your fiery, passion cannot be stopped.

I know your weakest points, and all your strong ones, too.
You think I try to tear you down day in and day out.
I didn't think you would fall apart when I said, ¨I Love You¨.
But, let me tell you honey, I hate it when we shout.

You are all I ever want to know
I say I know you because I do
Don´t you want to be with me?
I just don't know where to go
Your cold shoulder is making me blue
If you do not love me, it is best for me to leave.

I really did believe that,
I knew you.

The author's comments:

A poem inspired by a song on one of the greatest kid shows ever, Victorious. The song is "You Don't Know Me", performed by Elizabeth Gillies. The poem was meant to be a sort of response to the message of the song. Enjoy!

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