February 7, 2018
By MJames SILVER, Melbourne Beach, Florida
MJames SILVER, Melbourne Beach, Florida
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At the call of duty
Standing up for our rights
Guarding our freedom
And pursuing all who threaten it
At the fire of a bullet
At the roar of an engine
Actions take place
Bloodshed for our blood
Their sacrifice for any chance to protect us
All these for chance at life
For a stranger's life
Maybe not even worth saving
Family members going off
You hope for the best
Until they never come home
Some come home,
Mentally unstable, ill, injured
But some come home
To teary eyed children
When an I love you
And when a thank u can mean everything
For an unknown soldier
Should be among the greatest
For they gave up their families, lives, Identities and freedom so that we could have ours.

The author's comments:

My uncle inspired me to write this because he was a U.S. Marine and I greatly admire him for that.

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