Once upon a time...

February 6, 2018
By Meaningful BRONZE, Lake Mary, Florida
Meaningful BRONZE, Lake Mary, Florida
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The warmth, the breeze, the trickle of fresh crisp air.
All floating by, absorbed by the pounding of footsteps, the noise of cars whizzing by.
And yet everything was mute
Everything was quiet
Once upon a time everything was peaceful

And a crash
A bang
All is gone
The dream, the peace
Once upon a time it was there
And then it wasn’t

The enclosure of a hug
The shiver of warm breath across your cheek
The feeling of butterflies when they fly through your mind
The pounding of your heart beating loudly in your ear
Once upon a time it was there
Once upon a time love was there
And then it wasn’t

And now you stare through the foggy air
At the rain pounding on the pavement like you heart once did in your ear
And you think to your self
All is calm
All is peaceful
All is quiet
Cause at last, you realize the only one who needs to love you is you
And once upon a time you didn’t know that
Once upon a time...

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