God and I

February 6, 2018
By Anonymous

God, Was there

When the earth was green

And the clouds looked like cotton candy in the sky,

God was there when

My closest confidant and I

Took a walk through the woods together

God was there when

We saw the glistening river

So mighty and powerful

And so merciless

God was there when 

Words stated to fly like venom

With one intent: to kill

God was there when

I looked up to the sky and asked for forgiveness that I did not need yet

He was there when I pushed them out of my life

God was there when

I screamed for some sort miricle that I know I did not deserve 

And cursed Gods name and my heart asked why 

God was there when

The police came and tried to save me from myself

They said it was an accident, no one could have stopped it they said

But God and I know this:

That maybe people aren’t as innocent as they seem

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