Land of the Free

February 6, 2018
By Morgan08 BRONZE, Grand Rapids, Michigan
Morgan08 BRONZE, Grand Rapids, Michigan
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Land of the free
That’s what we’re suppose to be
Down south
Loud mouth
But everyone speaks with a different tongue
The mind questions anything and everything
We all want answers
But we only find cancers

In reality
We have the wrong mentality
We should be able to do anything
But we can do nothing
We are in a choke hold
Being led around by our masters just like dogs

We are suppose to allow everyone
Instead we hold people against their will
When they take too many pills
We turn our heads
Our masters don’t care if they are dead

In reality
We don’t like different sexualities
We want to have our own individualities
But we are forced to have the same personalities
And as a result the list grows of casualties

People travel far and wide just to come here
But we really live from puppeteers
Land of the free
Is something we will never be

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