Wishing for Real

February 6, 2018
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Today she put her hand on my mid-thigh, she asked: “Are you nervous?” I responded “No” because I didn’t want to sound thirsty. I guess she got bored because she said, “I’m gonna take a nap.” She draped her legs across the guy next to her, and she laid her head on my shoulder. She wakes up about 5 minutes later and looks at me. Instinctively I look at her, we make eye contact and I lean in. For a moment there’s a pause, but only for a moment. We lock lips, I can taste her, we don’t kiss for long but it's still intense. When we pull apart my heart is pounding, again she asks, “Are you nervous now?” I ponder on this for a moment and say, “No, I’m not.” This time I’m really not. I just know that I’ve found the right one. Just one day I hope that the kiss will be real and not in my brain. Little does she know that I’ve only kissed one girl, not because I've never had more than one chance, but because I wanted to save my first for someone special. I chose wrong the first time, but I won’t f*** up twice.

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Wesley_350 said...
today at 1:48 pm
Guys and girls, I would love to hear stories that you have that are like the piece above!! If you don't want others to see them comment me privately and I'll give you my e-mail.
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