February 4, 2018
By Alonzo BRONZE, Bayonne, New Jersey
Alonzo BRONZE, Bayonne, New Jersey
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It sees the smallest seeds and worms amongst the soils and sediments, but
Its beak can only reach as far as the pillars of it’s cell

It's platform and roof were metallic, and was the cause of every failed escape
The cage is a transparency, and contains nothing but the empty void that it inhibits

It's beak, tattooed with scars and hollow dentings
It’s legs carved beneath its skin,
He bangs his head against the wooden pillar, yet it refuses to budge

He longed for an escape, and only saw others who exhibited that freedom
Their wings expanded at lengths he could never achieve
And rose to heights to the clouds of the high skies

His freedom only jogged through the lobes of his mind;
A figment of his imagination

It walks back, peppers its wings for flight, looks ahead of the transparency, bends down, and lifts off----
But the wall hits back and ricochets him back to where he belongs

He lays on the floor, almost paralyzed.

Not because of the retarding force of the glass cage
Not of his envy of others
Or the severity of his degraded physical state
But instead,
at the impossibility of freedom

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