Growing Up Forcefully

February 4, 2018
By Anonymous

There comes a point in your life when you look back and realize you are not who you were 10 years ago, or 5 months ago, or even last week.
You look at yourself changing constantly, much like the clouds
In which we look for shapes to find answers
Sometimes I find myself doing childish things to try to remember the feeling of what being a child was like
We spend thousands to look young again but there is nothing that can buy back the feelings of being young.
It’s sad when you realize that you are growing up
And that soon you won’t have time to be reckless
We are taught to have dreams of what we want to be when we are older
But when it’s time for our dreams to become reality
They are suddenly not good enough
And I’m stuck in a cycle of wanting to be what I cannot  be
I want to be a star but I don’t have enough carbon
Why infuse the idea of dreams into our heads
When they are simply unachievable?
“If you were meant to fly you’d have wings”
But my wings have not yet sprouted
Yet I am forced to build my own wings
Out of stolen feathers
Because if I take to long to grow my spot will be taken
They don’t force a child into preschool when he is not ready
So why force us into adulthood when we are not ready

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