A Baby

February 3, 2018
By MaddyFox BRONZE, Stockholm, New Jersey
MaddyFox BRONZE, Stockholm, New Jersey
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You were such a baby

so naive

never cussing

a momma’s boy

Caring so much about useless things

like the dumb girl who tried to change you


I’m sorry


I’m sorry I was so mean

I cry now for acknowledging my cruelty

I made a mistake

Arrogance and Ignorance consumed my conscience

I became who I always hated

This is my Penance


I fear I will never be more than the me I am and have been

I’m so stupid to believe that I can change

I made you a victim which is what I never wanted to be again

This is my Penance


All this time I called you a baby when it was me all along


You’re such a baby

so arrogant

Always cussing, thinking you’re cool

a chic geek

Pretending to not care about anything

like the boy who loved you

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