February 3, 2018
By Anonymous

An empty room filled with the ring of silence.

The ache of another evening spent in quiet isolation,
Longing for some form of contact.
A call.
A text.
A visit.
Yet nothing came.

Realizing that life is spent in monotony.
Repeating the same events
As if there were no other options,
But desperately longing for different results.

Remembering past experiences,
And how they were lost.

Seclusion is all that's left.

The pain that remains is suffocating.
Everyday hurts like everything was lost,
But it's no longer a struggle.
This pain is normal.

Knowing there will be no redemption.
There is no savior to this story.

The moment when the last person walked out,
Never to return,
Leaving only darkness,
And with them they took the sound of joy.

All that remains is an empty room filled with the piercing ring of loneliness.

The author's comments:

I wrote my feelings, and I hope others will understand how I feel through this. 

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